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Hey, thanks for coming to visit my Everclear page. I love Everclear and I hope you all do too. My favorite album is So Much For The Afterglow, but I love the others. Art and the guys are the best band out there!

I also have a few pics and info on Lit, another band that is awesome.

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The guys.
All about me and Everclear...
I found their newest CD by buying it to get "I Will Buy You a New Life" and I discovered that they were the most awesome group out there. EVERY song is good and unique, not to mention has some sort of meaning to it. It is not a "I love you so much baby" CD like some OTHER guy bands I've heard. Uhm...

After that I bought the other CDs and am enjoying them.

I saw the guys at a concert months ago with Sno-Core. They were appearing with Soul Coughing and others. They rocked! I loved the entire show.

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