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New Video

Everclear is now wrapping up their new video for their single from the upcoming movie "Detroit Rock City". They will be covering Thin Lizzy's hit "The Boys Are Back In Town". The band is pairing up with KISS bassist Gene Simmons (in face paint and all) and some of the film's stars, including Eddie Furlong
("American History X," "Terminator 2"). Art and Adam Rifkin, director of "Detroit Rock City", are co-directing the video. They will be the first single out for the movie. The soundtrack hits stores on August 3, while the film (which follows a group of Kiss fans desperately trying to get into a sold out Kiss concert in 1978) opens on August 13.

They appeared on Letterman and did a great preformance on August 17th.

Everclear Sci Fi Commercial

Everclear is doing one of the Sci Fi Channel's "I am Sci Fi" commercials. Other notables include Busta Rhymes. Everclear's commercial includes all three members and a guitar with a mind of its own. In the commercial, a woman walks into an elevator with the band. At first she gives them a polite smile. That's before Art's guitar starts growling and the case moves in and out. She now gives them a huge look. Art rolls his eyes as the others, Greg and Craig, look at each other. Pulling out a doggy treat, Art feeds it to his guitar which gobbles it down. The commercial ends in the standard "I am Sci Fi" said by each of the guys. To our enjoyment, you can hear "I Will Buy You a New Life" being played in the background during this last part. These commercials are hard to catch but it's a funny one so don't miss it.

New CDs And Art's Movie

Everclear is hard at work this fall on two CDs. The first album, which is due out in March, will be more of a pop record, while the second LP, due out in July, will be a heavier sounding rock record than previous Everclear efforts. The albums are not named and Eveclear plans on tour in the fall to support the releases.

Here's part of the MTV article about Art's movie career:

As for Alexakis' upcoming movie plans, the singer-guitarist is currently working on a screenplay to a film he's dubbed "Aiming Low." While at last week's premiere of the Kiss-inspired movie, "Detroit Rock City" (at which Everclear performed a couple of songs), Alexakis talked with MTV News about his film project.

"I'm writing a screenplay," Alexakis said. "It's called 'Aiming Low," and it's gonna come out. I'm gonna direct it next year [and it'll have a] pretty low budget. It's a cool film, it's [set] up in Portland, Oregon where I live, and it's just kind of a sexual, dark sexual comedy. It's not like your "American Pie" kind of thing, and it's not "Porky's." It's a little more serious, it's [about] adults, in their late 20s, early 30s, talking about sex."

In addition to "Aiming Low," Alexakis will make his acting debut in the feature film, "Committed," which stars Heather Graham, Casey Affleck, and Luke Wilson. "Committed" is expected to make its way onto the big screen sometime this spring.